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Credit Information
Chairman: Cai Mingde
Since: 1997
Registered Capital:
Business License:
Registered City: Shanghai
Nature: Private
Shanghai Xinlun Textile & Auxiliaries Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech company specialized in the production and marketing of organic conductive fiber, dyeing and printing auxiliaries, and special type functional textiles.

After many years of efforts, we have developed a series of textiles finishing agent with specific performance, including serial products of endurable antistatic finishing agent, serial products of organosilicon softening agents, serial products of antibiotic and anti-odor agent. These products have been widely applied in professions that need special equipment such as armed forces and public security forces, etc.

In order to permanently and high-efficiently solve antistatic problems of textiles, Shanghai Xinlun Textile & Auxiliaries Co., Ltd has cooperated with Solutia Corporation of the United States to conduct the research on the application of organic conductive fiber in textiles since the beginning of 2000, and has achieved great success. Through blending organic conductive fiber into common fabrics with different space or with different ratio according to the antistatic requirement of fabrics, electrostatic charge in fabrics can be minimized, and thereby, fabrics can be endowed with permanent antistatic function that will not decrease even a little after 50 times of washing. At present in China, our corporation is the sole agent of organic conductive fiber of Solutia Corporation from the United States. In addition, we are also the designated agent of Zhongfang''s conductive fiber and Youniqika''s conductive fiber of Japan.

Functional textile fabric is another variety of products in our corporation, mainly including antistatic fabric, waterproof & oil proofing fabric, and waterproof & moisture permeable laminated fabric.

Main products of our corporation includes organic conductive fiber, antistatic fiber, organic conductive composite yarn, antistatic composite yarn, antistatic face fabric and lining fabric, endurable antistatic finishing agent, organosilicon softening agent, anti-bacterial and anti-odor finishing agent, water proof & oil proof finishing agent, flame retardant finishing agent, insect-proof agent for wool and functional fabrics.
Credit Information
Legal representative: Mr. Cai Mingde
Year of eastablishment: 1997
Oganization type: Private
Business scope: Manufacturer Agent
Number of staff:
Registered place: Shanghai
Registered capital:
Annual turnover:
Products exported to: Mainland China
Brands: functional fabrics
Main customer: enterprises,garment factories
Export percent: 0 %
Shanghai Xinlun Textile & Auxiliaries Co., Ltd. Telephone: 0086-21-68888811 Fax: 0086-21-68886233
Address: Room 1606, Zhongrong International Shopping Center, No.1088, Pudong Road South, Shanghai, P.R.C.